LINC has faced its big challenge when the pandemic hit us all earlier this year. However, we reacted quickly and in no time were able to come up with a new plan on how to continue delivering the program – we switched from the classroom to an on-line program delivery (Zoom) on April 6, 2020 and continue to successfully do so. All the new stuff that we had to learn, we did in a record time through some valuable on-line trainings, at the same time teaching our students about the new platform, so we are all in this now at a very comfortable level, while constantly learning and improving. The students are delighted and express their gratitude in communication with their teachers and the admin staff all the time.

Our LINC even did the PBLA Student Progress Reports in mid-July, all electronically and very successfully.

The new Fall-Winter term continues via Zoom, with the most flexible schedule, as follows:

今年年初当疫情袭来时,新移民语言培训部面临着巨大的挑战。但是,我们很快做出了反应,就如何使培训项目正常运行提出了一个新的方案 – 我们于2020年4月6日起将现场课堂教学切换为线上课程(Zoom),并取得了巨大成功。我们在创纪录的时间内,通过有效的在线培训,掌握了所有网课运作的新知识;同时也向学员们传授了此新平台的相关知识。虽然我们的网课现在已是轻车熟路,但我们仍在不断地学习与完善。学员们对网课非常满意,并在与老师和工作人员的交流中表达了他们诚挚的谢意。



OCCSC LINC Zoom Class Schedule (Sept. 2020)

OCCSC 语言培训线上授课安排(2020年9月起)

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